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How to Download Netflix Movies

Most of the movies are on netflix. Nitflix is a Platform where you Find Movies And web Series . Many Netflix User Find Difficulty to Download Netflix Movies.

Netflix Have All Many Exclusive Web Series And Movies Which On Launch In there Platform.

Yes, Netflix have in built Feature to Download Movies Or Web Series. All Download ed Movies will be in Download Tab of Netflix. We Will Tell you How to Download Netflix Movies Step By Step.
You can also Choose The quality of video to be downloaded. You can also selected wifi only download. In Netflix You can Select the locations of your Download (Internal or external Storage).
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Thing Needed To Download Movies On Netflix An Active Netflix Account.An Internet Connection.Apple Product Must have iOS 9+Android phone Must Have 4.4.2 or above.Window Must Have Window 10.Latest Version Of Netflix App. If you have All Above Thing  Then…

How to Change Facebook Page Name

Facebook is a most download app on playstore with approximately 1.4 billion download. Many people want to Change Facebook Page Name so in this post we will tell you How to Change Facebook Page Name.

Most of the Facebook Page Owner Facing This Problem They Choose some random Name of there Page But Now they Want to Fix it. In this Post we will Solve Your problem of Changing Facebook Page Name. Most Of the user Also Facing Problem to Download Facebook Photo.
Facebook Page Naming Tips Facebook given many page Naming Tips. These Guidelines Are Given By Facebook. Kindly Follow these  Guidelines otherwise they Can Remove You Page. Do use name that accurately reflect your page is about.Do match  Name with you Brand, business or organisations.Don’t Use misleading Name.Don’t include facebook or official word in Name.Don’t use any Name that abusive or violate someone rights.
How to Change Facebook Page Name
You Should Follow the Above Facebook Page Naming  Because Facebook Official Told the Abov…

How to Download Instagram Photo 2020

Instagram is photo-video sharing platform. There is large number of omage is publish in Instagram. But Instagram did’t give option to download image but you can download Instagram photo by following ways;

Download Instagram Photo Without App
Yes, you can download Instagram photo without Downloading any app. This is best way to download Instagram photo in pc. You can use this method in Android or iPhone also. To download image follow the following step;

Go to Instagram post / image which you want to download.Click on the 3dot on right side.Then click copy link option.Now  open any browser , i prefer chrome.Now page the link in search bar.Now type q before Instagram.This will take to a website , then click on go.Now search for download now , then click on that.Press long  and click download now. This method is very easy, for this method you don’t have to download any app.

Download Instagram Image with app This method only work in Android or iPhone.  Download and install Video downloader…

How to Enable Dark mode on Instagram

Instagram dark mode make your Instagram theme dark . Previously white theme is not suitable for night but now you can do light or dark theme anytime you want.

This feature will increase the battery life because white pixel need for power as compare to black.

Instagram dark mode is not a Instagram feature , it collaborate with Apple and Google for this feature. The mode is not available in Instagram it available in setting of your phone.

Good about dark mode
This will less strain on your eyes.Increase battery life.
Problem in dark mode
The link is similar to text. Previously text is black and text in blue.'#' is similar as text there is no difference in text or hastage.
How to Enable dark mode on Instagram in iOS Dark Mode is only available in iOS 13, firstly update the iOS. Download the latest version for Instagram.
There is 2 way on dark mode in iOS

1 methodOpen settingsClick on Display and brightness.Click on dark in appearance.Start the Instagram.
2 Method (Shortcut way)Scrol…

How to Download Whatsapp Status Video

Nowadays everyone Post there Whatsapp Status. so in this post I will tell you How to Download Whatsapp Status video easily. In this Post I will Tell You 2 Ways to Download Whatsapp Status.

There Are many People Who want to Download other Status. But There is no inbuilt feature to Download whatsapp Status.
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2 Ways to Download Whatsapp Status.

Download Whatsapp Status without apps
You view any Whatsapp status is automatically saved in internal for limited time. In this Following Step You Can See Or Save the whatsapp Status of others

First Go to Whatsapp And Watch the Status You want to Download or Save.Now Open File Explorer Like Ex File Explorer.Tap on 3 Dash on Left Side.Scroll Down, Enable Hidden File.Search For whatsapp Folder  then open the Folder.Tap on media , then tap on .Statuses.Now Copy the Status to suitable Folder.
Download Whatsapp status With App Download Status Saver.Now view the status You Want to …

How to Download Videos From Facebook Android

Sometime you really liked video in facebook and you want to Download video from facebook to gallery. But facebook doesn’t have feature to do this. So there many other way to download. In this post we wil share ways to download facebook video.

Can I download videos from facebook android  Yes, you can download facebook to your gallery. But there is no inbuilt feature to download video to gallery. It saved on your fb folder.By following below step you can easily Download FB Video.
Step to Download Video From Facebook without app For this you have to use browser. We highly recommend you to use chrome browser.
Open facebook, and search for video you want to download.Click on 3 dot on right side, then click on copy.Now close the facebook, And open chrome Browser.Visit getfvid websiteNow Paste the copy link.Click on download.Now Click on Download in Hd quality.
Where the video saved after downloading?
The video is saved on download folder of your phone. If you use chrome to download then click …

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile 2020

Today Instagram is one of the most used app in Android with over 2 Billion Download. Instagram have Many Amazing Feature but doesn't let us to know who viewed my Instagram profile or who is my Instagram stalker.

Those who use this app daily have many question like

1.Who visited my Instagram profile
2.Who is my secret admirer
3.Who Stalk my Instagram profile.

There are some of your friend who check your Instagram profile and a secret admirer of you. By end of this post you can see who is admiring  you.

CAN I SEE WHO VIEW MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE No, There is no inbuilt option on Instagram to check who visited my Instagram profile. But don’t feel Sad there is many unofficial app / third Party app to check.

But in case of business account you can see number of visitors in previous week you get. But you cannot see the name of person.

There are several app for who check my Instagram profile, but they are paid. But I will tell you the name of that app and some free app also.

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